Mitchell CreativeHello

Portrait of Bonnie Mitchell, graphic designer and owner of Mitchell Creative in Victoria, BC

Bonnie the print maven and design guru will keep you looking impeccable in any medium.


I came to graphic design by way of 19-years in the print industry where I learned both the art and science of printing (across all mediums). This early background gave me a unique ability to understand how what I design is going to look when printed and what challenges there might be along the way. I’d like to think this ability to ‘see’ the finished product provides added value for my clients.

When it comes to creating a corporate image for clients, I believe the “look and feel” should be fun, curious and creative, NOT heavy and overwhelming. I like to get up close and personal with my clients and their businesses. Understanding a company’s philosophy and personality, its products and services, its market and customers, and the message the owner wants, or more to the point should convey, is a vital first step in the creative process; one that is often missed.

Why a ladybug?

People often ask me, what’s with the ladybugs? Is it a random design element, or is there some meaning behind it? Well, to be honest I like, no love, ladybugs.

However, as a designer I have to walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk – there’s no way I can get away with featuring ladybugs in my brand just because! There has to be a rationale – as a designer I need to step back and see if what I like personally, actually confers an effective marketing message.

Ladybugs make people smile – especially farmers; they are nature’s hard-working pest control guys. No one is scared of these cute little red critters; after all they’re beloved characters in children’s books, and even as adults still have the ability to bring out a child-like wonder in us. Ladybugs simply make us feel good about the world. See a ladybug as an egg however, or in its larval stage, and you might not be so appreciative. It’s like the creative process; first comes a germ of an idea, just a concept – maybe not pretty – but with a little time and effort it turns into something beautiful that defines your company and attracts customers.

So the ladybug won a place in my heart, not just personally, but as a brand ambassador for my business. I hope you like it too!