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Doing the job properly right from the outset is one of my bugaboos – too often I have people tell me their logo won’t work when they try to screen print it onto a shirt, or embroider it on a jacket. When I design a client’s logo I consider all future uses, even ones they might not have thought of! Getting it right first time costs no more, but can save a ton of money down the line. estimate please!


People have many reasons for choosing a graphic designer to whom they will entrust their company’s brand image; the designer’s personality, reputation, credibility, portfolio, all come into it, and in the final analysis perhaps gut feeling is the clincher.

So, why choose me? What do I bring to the party?

To begin with, I’ve been around a while – I’m experienced, professional and have a solid reputation –ask around, talk to my clients. The other thing I bring to the party is my ability to harmonize visual aesthetics with your corporate message. I know that might sound like designer-speak, but the time I invest in understanding your business helps maximize the impact of both images and words in your advertising, promotional material and overall brand presence.

Why is this important? Consumers process images faster than words, so it’s important for your graphic designer to know how the two work together. It’s only when they combine perfectly that they can deliver your message effectively. Not a huge secret, but something I’ve learned to do well over the years.



A company’s brand is more than an image – it is a dynamic entity that has a life of its own. It should embody what people think, feel, and say about your company. It should elicit a response – more specifically it should elicit the positive response you desire. In images and words it tells the story of your brand, your philosophy, your values and your aspirations. A great brand has a personality – a voice – I will give your brand a powerful voice, one that is clearly heard by your customers.

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Have you ever hesitated to buy something because of the way it looks? Products and services that look unprofessional raise doubts in consumers. Subliminal messages are hidden in every graphic image – both positive and negative. Professional graphic design is imperative if you want your promotional, or brand message to create the correct emotional attachment and connect with your customers effectively. Good graphic design gives the message maximum impact, and communicates in a meaningful way.

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